Thursday, December 27, 2012

Antarctic warming courtesy of Mr. Fix-it | Watts Up With That?
almost all of that warming took place before 1988. And Byrd Station has seen no warming (actually a slight cooling) since 1991.
As the Kyoto Protocol Dies, Remember Those Who Called It (Part II) — MasterResource
[Ross McKitrick] “Kyoto costs a lot, does nothing to prevent calamity, and pays no compensation in the event of loss. If my insurance broker offered that sort of policy, I would not carry insurance. Instead what my broker offers is a policy that costs a little and pays full compensation in the event of loss. If someone wants to propose that as a policy on global warming, I’m all in favour.”
Full UnCut video now available – “I Can Change Your Mind” Evans, Nova, Minchin & Rose. « JoNova
Look for the moment when Anna is surprised we agree with CO2 being a greenhouse gas: “How can you be skeptical?”
Europeans Freezing By The Hundreds, As Workers Lose Their Jobs In Mindless Government Attempt To Make The Weather Colder | Real Science
The EU believes that they control weather, and they also believe that they want to make it colder.
Wind and Solar Power Faces Challenges in the New Year |
As wind and solar improve, the need for supportive public policy will drop away, like the scaffolding that surrounds a rocket at liftoff.
Twitter / Warmist bryanrwalsh
Freezing rain. Worst Weather Ever.

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