Thursday, December 27, 2012

California Sets Second Cap-and-Trade Emissions Auction
To alleviate concerns the system could lead to higher prices for electricity and fuel, state regulators have directed roughly 85 percent of all allowance revenue to return directly to households in the form of a climate dividend.
More than 180 crashes along Wasatch Front, more snow Thursday | The Salt Lake Tribune
Law enforcement officers leap into action as the climbing snowfall is followed by rising accident totals.
That dream of a white Christmas came true, but on the day after the holiday another round of snow made for a commuter’s nightmare.
Morocco's mountain Berbers face isolation, hardship:.
IMAHDITE, Morocco - In a country on the doorstep of western Europe and popular for sunshine holidays, an unusually bitter winter has hit isolated mountain villages, causing hardship not usually associated with Morocco.
More than 20 children froze to death in the same deprived village in the High Atlas in the winter of 2006-2007, and according to unconfirmed local press reports, at least four children have already died from cold weather this month.
Holy Murderer’s Row, Batman! “Climate Deniers!” | Power Line
In the course of doing some background research for yesterday’s decision on the winner of the first annual Power Line Green Weenie of the Year Award, I discovered that the fun people at DeSmogBlog—the folks who “broke” the story of the Heartland Institute back in February that actually turned out to be about Peter Gleick’s theft of Heartland documents—have compiled a “global warming disinformation database” of the leading “deniers”—a veritable “murderer’s row” of climate skepticism.

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