Friday, December 07, 2012

Anti-Science Climate Deniers On The Retreat In Germany - Forbes
“This conference shows that a growing number of people are challenging global warming alarmism even here in Germany, where alarmism is most deeply entrenched,” conference organizer Wolfgang Muller explained after the event. “Every year the conference grows in size and political impact. The government hates us for it.”
In Doha, Philippines Negotiator Delivers Emotional Plea For Climate Change [Scam] Action : The Two-Way : NPR
This kind of thing rarely happens. But today during the United Nation's COP 18 climate change conference in Doha, the lead negotiator for the Philippines broke down.
UN Summit: Transforming Your Kids into “Climate Change Agents”
Classroom Child Abuse for a “Higher Cause”
Parties deeply divided as UN climate talks near end | The Zimbabwean
Developing countries say they need at least another $60bn between now and 2015
COP18 The Banshee Wail Of The Green NGOs « Tory Aardvark
Legend has it that a Banshee is a fairy woman who starts to wail when someone is about die, the Banshee legend is found in many cultures from Gaelic to Norse and American folklore.

With COP18 due to finish tomorrow and no positive outcome for the warmists in sight, a coalition of Green NGOs including the usual suspects of Greenpeace, WWF, FoE and Oxfam have joined together to wail loudly about the lack of progress at COP18, when in reality their wailing is for the death of the Great Man Made Global Warming scam.

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