Friday, December 07, 2012

Third Coldest November On Record In North Carolina | Real Science
November was the coldest since 1976 in North Carolina.
November In Virginia Was The Eleventh Coldest On Record | Real Science
It was the coldest November since 1996.
Obama Working To Bankrupt The Country In A Vain Effort To Stop An Imaginary Problem | Real Science
Drought is declining, heat is not at a record, wildfires are at a 20 year low, and major hurricanes are at an all time low.

Even if NRDC’s claims were true, there isn’t anything Obama could do about it. Obama is wrecking the country’s future based on a belief system of America hating lunatics.
UN climate talks: 24 hours to go but no document on the table - Telegraph
Although China is now emitting more carbon than the US and will soon be as rich, as a “developing country”, they are not obliged to give money towards under the current deal.

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