Wednesday, December 26, 2012

As the Kyoto Protocol Dies, Remember Those Who Called It (Part I) — MasterResource
“The total efforts of the last 20 years of climate policy has likely reduced global emissions by less than 1 percent, or about 250 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.”

- Bjorn Lomborg, “Climate Course Correction.” Foreign Policy, October 2012.
EXCLUSIVE: Warming in West Antarctica proves global warming is real | Science Recorder
“Our results provide further evidence that climate change due to human activities (greenhouse gas emissions) is real. The expectation is that the poles will experience much larger temperature changes than elsewhere, so our results confirm this expectation for West Antarctica,” Bromwich wrote in an email to Science Recorder.

The results also suggest that Antarctica has experienced the same rapid temperature shifts as polar regions like Greenland and the Canadian Arctic, a phenomenon called polar amplification, Bromwich said. The changing temperatures have wrought havoc with local ecosystems and scientists say similar changes are likely to take place around the globe over the next one hundred years.

More importantly, the results of the study are not confined to West Antarctica. Researchers warn that the rising temperatures in Antarctica is not an isolated event. Rather, it shows global warming is widespread and far more prevalent than previously thought.
The Dismal Removing Freedoms Saves Money Argument | William M. Briggs
It should be obvious the RFSM has a corollary which is the Mandating Activities to Save Money (MASM) argument, which says those activities meeting favor with statists will be made compulsory.

If you think not, let’s play Stump the Host. Propose an activity, rare or common, and I will show you how a progressive will either cast aspersions on it with a mind towards removing the freedom to engage in that activity, or how the progressive will not only tout the activity as beneficial, but will angle his argument towards making the activity mandatory.
Record Cold Grips Vast Area Of Asia – China Sees Temperatures Drop To – 37°C!
The cold extends to India, where 26 people have died.

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