Saturday, December 22, 2012

- Bishop Hill blog - Questions and non-rebuttals 
The antics of the upholders of the climate orthodoxy are becoming truly hilarious. In response to Nic Lewis's findings about the contradictions and failures of the draft IPCC report, we have now had no fewer than three "rebuttals" (Desmog, Media Matters, Think Progress) none of which link to the actual article. In fact none of them even mentions Lewis, preferring instead to concentrate on Matt Ridley's WSJ op-ed.
Understanding The Record Cold In Europe And Asia | Real Science
Very warm air is melting the Arctic at record rates. When this warm Arctic air dips to the south, it brings lethal -55C temperatures to Russia.

This concept is completely clear to climate scientists, leftists and brain damaged turnips everywhere.
Horrors Of Global Warming Continue To Strike The Utah Ski Industry | Real Science
Two weeks ago the scumbags at NRDC told us that global warming is devastating the Utah ski industry – and put a dollar amount on it. Alta has now had thirteen feet of snow this season, with another big storm coming on Monday.

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