Monday, December 24, 2012

Brave Poland continues its fight against the European Unions's senseless global warming "flagship" policy
Poland is to be congratulated for continuing its brave fight against the European Union's senseless carbon-trading system and global warming policy.This and the fact that Poland also intends to replace old coal plants with massive new ones (a wise policy) appears particularly to anger the "green" Germans. Der Spiegel has published a critical article on the Polish energy and global warming policy
“THIS AGREEMENT WILL BE GOOD FOR ENRON STOCK!!” (Enron’s Kyoto memo turns 15) — MasterResource
Last week, a Hall of Shame cronyism memo turned 15 years old. Dated December 12, 1997, it was written from Kyoto, Japan in the afterglow of the Kyoto Protocol agreement by Enron lobbyist John Palmisano.

Global green planners such as Palmisano were euphoric that, somehow, someway, the world had embarked on an irreversible course of climate control (and thus industrial and land-use control). His memo reflects the train-just-left-the-station mentality, as well as the specific benefits for first-mover ‘green’ Enron. Enron, in fact, had no less than six profit centers tied to pricing carbon dioxide (CO2), and seven if CO2 were capped and traded.) The story of Enron as the darling company of Left environmentalists has been well told elsewhere.)

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