Monday, December 24, 2012

Climate Reality | Help Train 4,000 New Climate [Hoax Promoters]
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Does Juliet Eilperin meet the WashPost standard of disclosure? |
In today’s Washington Post Ombudsman column, Patrick Pexton states matter of factly,
Journalists should always disclose a possible conflict of interest to their readers.
When it comes to WashPost environmental reporter Juliet Eilperin, however, this disclosure never occurs.

As readers of know, Eilperin is married to Andrew Light, who works on climate as a senior fellow at the climate alarmist Center for American Progress.
Winter blooms » Scienceline
The worst-case scenario, trees sprouting leaves in February, is pretty unnerving.
IPCC Chapter 11 – Bankruptcy Protection | Watts Up With That?
In brief, the evidence that the models are getting the right answers for the wrong reasons is staring them in the face. The models can sort of kind of get the climatology right, but only for the years we already have data for. In brief, they can use 1960 data to get 2012 right, but only because we already know what the answer for 2012 should be, and the adjustments deliver it.

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