Thursday, December 13, 2012

C3: Chinese Scientists Unequivocally Establish That Medieval Warming Was Unprecedented
The IPCC-favored fabricators of the widely discredited and statistically lame 'Hockey Stick' purposefully claimed that the Medieval Warming was strictly a European phenomenon and its temperatures were below the modern warming - in contrast, yet another study, this one based on research out of China, confirms that the Medieval Warming was unequivocal and unprecedented
New Report: Man-made Global Warming is a Farce
Mark Morano of Climate Depot, who compiled the CFACT report, summed up the nature of popular climate science on Fox News (see video below): "Mayor Bloomberg said we need to take immediate action to prevent bad weather. This has now reached the level of the Mayan Calendar and Nostradamus. The New York Times has a picture of the Statue of Liberty under water and warning of the end times. This is not science! This is doomsday stuff of the Mayan calendar, and we have no business masquerading it as science."

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