Thursday, December 13, 2012

But of course: Warmist James Balog compares using fossil fuels to owning slaves

'Chasing Ice' Creators Talk Global Warming | Santa Monica Mirror
[Balog] We need to have regulations on how we burn fossil fuel...There’s lots of positives that come from addressing the excess burning of fossil fuels and treating that beautiful cerulean air supply out there as a garbage dump where for free, we can throw our refuse. We’ve been doing that for four million years and we can’t afford to do that anymore.
[Q] Can you cite historic morality references?
Balog: Back in the early 19th Century, right up until 1861, people were saying we can’t stop the industry of slavery. Slaves were machines for manufacturing goods. That’s how it worked and there was a big sector of the country that was saying we can’t stop, you’re going to destroy us and they were willing to go to war over that. But, stopping slavery was the ethical and moral position and I don’t think any rational person would see it otherwise.

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