Thursday, December 13, 2012

Opinion: Is America Ready to Listen? | The Scientist Magazine®
the single most important fact that America’s climate scientists can share with the American people is that they have reached near-unanimous agreement—the climate is changing and human activity is the main cause. News events including extreme weather events such as Hurricane Sandy, create an opportunity for every climate scientist to make this important point during news media interviews, letters to the editor of their local newspaper, and calls to local TV and radio news and talk shows.
US Energy Boom Deals Blow to OPEC | Via Meadia
It will take time for the full effects of the shale boom to fully manifest themselves, but even at this very early stage OPEC can feel its power slipping away. The rest of the world will do its best to contain its sorrow.
Tuvalu’s Gruesome Animal Friends « NoFrakkingConsensus
Does the IPCC think Tuvalu will be the first island nation to disappear due to climate change – or has a gruesome art exhibit manufactured that claim?
Climate change disaster map predicts bleak future for mammals
Lead author of the paper, ZSL’s Eric Ameca y Juárez says: “Approximately a third of the species assessed have at least a quarter of their range exposed to cyclones, droughts or a combination of both. If these species are found to be highly susceptible to these conditions, it will lead to a substantial increase in the number of mammals classified as threatened by the IUCN under the category ‘climate change and severe weather’.”
NYT, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and David Crane have no clue about how grid tied solar power actually works with the grid | Watts Up With That?
Hopefully people following their lead won’t try to hack their solar power system inverter safety features in time of crisis. The first person to try defeating this safety feature after a storm may get themselves or others killed or injured, either by electrocution or fire. Hopefully the solar power industry will join me in condemning this foolishness propagated by Kennedy and Crane.

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