Saturday, December 22, 2012

Charts Of IPCC 5 AR Draft Completely Refute The Alarmist Scenarios Of Master Curve Designer Stefan Rahmstorf
Michael Krüger at Readers Edition here takes a look at some of the charts and graphics for temperature and sea level rise development, and compares the IPCC charts to those from alarmist Stefan Rahmstorf.

As Krüger shows, scientists have very different perspectives and everything but consensus exists
Droughts in the 1970’s « NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT
Next time someone tries to tell you that global warming causes droughts, just remind them about the 1970’s.
Ringed, Bearded Seals Listed Under Endangered Species Act Due Partially To Climate Change Concerns
Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell late Friday called the science behind the decision speculative and said the state will consider legal action. The state unsuccessfully challenged the polar bear listing.

The ringed seal population is in the millions and the bearded seal population is in the hundreds of thousands, Parnell said in a prepared statement. Neither is in decline nor will it be by mid-century, he said.

"The ESA was not enacted to protect healthy animal populations," Parnell said. "Despite this fact, the NMFS continues the federal government's misguided policy to list healthy species based mostly on speculated impacts from future climate change, adding additional regulatory burdens and costs upon the State of Alaska and its communities."

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