Saturday, December 22, 2012

This Is Called Cheating (Part 2) « NoFrakkingConsensus
Long before the authors were selected, years before they’d slaved away at thousands of pages of text, well before they’d taken time from their normal work lives to board flights to meetings in San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Japan, South Africa, and New Zealand, the chairman not only knew what they were going to say, he knew that their conclusions would be so dramatic the public response would be OMG.

Ladies and gentlemen, the fix is in. The game is rigged.

The chairman of the IPCC thinks the purpose of this organization is to frighten us – to frighten us so badly that we panic and do things we otherwise wouldn’t consider necessary.
The new robber barons
The new robber barons in the Executive Branch and Congress are not content only with taxing job creators and saddling our children and great grandchildren with trillion-dollar IOUs. They are using hard-earned tax money to finance wind, solar, biofuel and other schemes that primarily reward crony capitalist campaign contributors. They’re also locking up centuries’ of oil, gas, coal and uranium that could generate an economic revival, millions of jobs, and many billions in federal, state and local royalty and tax revenues.
US Drought and High temperatures Normal But Trigger Inaccurate Claims - Tim Ball
It was dry in the American Midwest and hot across central North America this past summer; both triggered ridiculous claims that it was due to global warming. It’s what we predicted they said; trouble is the Earth has cooled since 2000. Claimants only illustrate they don’t understand climate mechanisms or climate history. There’s illogic in many of their claims such as warming bringing more droughts. Warming increases evaporation putting more moisture in the atmosphere increasing precipitation potential.

Actually, the drought cycles in the middle latitudes have little to do with temperature. Similarly current weather patterns are not unusual and easily understood with a brief explanation of the mechanisms.

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