Monday, December 03, 2012

Climate: International climate world not wowed as Obama enters second term
Prodipto Ghosh, head of the climate change task force with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, said he, too, hopes to see more from Obama's second term but hasn't seen any signs of stronger U.S. commitment in Doha.

"I have been following the negotiations for many, many years, and I have seen two administrations of the Republicans, and I have seen the Obama administration. In the negotiations, we find that the position of the U.S. has not changed one bit from the Republican administration," Ghosh said. "When we hear the present U.S. negotiators, we find no difference between what they say and what their predecessors said."
Twitter / RyanMaue: While Lower-48 USA basks in ...
While Lower-48 USA basks in December "heat", Finland, Sweden, and Norway are frozen solid, 40°F below average.
Hanging with Bill McKibben on the 'Do the Math' Tour -
climate denial is far more dangerous than holocaust denial
Climate Scientists: The Treaty Fairy Can’t Save Planet Earth | Via Meadia
Any treaty that tries to impose growth-limiting policies on industrial giants like China and India is doomed to failure, and treaties that require large transfers of resources from developed to developing countries can’t and won’t be ratified by the United States Senate. Difficult as these truths may be, playing “let’s pretend” is a really stupid way to think about the future of the world.
U.N. Agency Says 2012 Celebrities Hottest On Record | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
“We are seeing an unmistakable pattern: Celebrities across the world are extremely hot, and they are only getting hotter,” said U.N. entertainment agency director Michael Carver, who confirmed that 2012’s celebrities were more gorgeous and charming than those in any year since data on hotness was first collected in 1955. “The chance that natural variability produced such an unprecedented slew of good-looking superstars is vanishingly small.”

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