Monday, December 03, 2012

No end in sight to cold snap - Fairbanks
FAIRBANKS (AP) — It appears there is no end in sight for the frigid weather gripping Fairbanks.

The National Weather Service says overnight lows of 35 degrees below zero are expected through the end of the week.
Forecasters say high temperatures will range from 10 below to 25 below.
Why Al Gore Should Be Prosecuted Under RICO Laws
It is a major crime to defraud the government of money. It is a major crime to extort money from the public. What would you call it when the U.S. government is being scammed by Al Gore and groups who are grabbing tax dollars for “green” jobs? What do you call it when the text books being taught in the public schools are lying to school children to support a scam? What do you call it when complicit media outlets on the take, such as MSNBC/NBC – GE, purport lies to enrich their parent corporation? By virtue of the size of the money pots going towards this “Global Warming” hoax, this is, without a doubt, the biggest fraud and extortion plot that has ever been exacted on the planet.
House members warn carbon tax would increase unemployment rate - The Hill's Floor Action
A group of Republicans and Democrats in the House has proposed a resolution saying Congress opposes any effort by the federal government to set up a carbon tax on gasoline, coal or natural gas, arguing it would only lead to increased joblessness.
Is America Getting Ready For A Carbon Tax? - Forbes
[Warmist Tim Worstall hopes for a bad-weather-prevention tax] I have a feeling that Henry Porter is being a little too optimistic here when he says that the US is about to institute a carbon tax. Certainly, I hope it will

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