Thursday, December 06, 2012

Cold Coincidence, Or Volcanic Coordination? | Musings from the Chiefio
So now we’ve got an “Alert” being issued for more Russian Volcano activity and we’ve got a prediction that it might happen and make thing even colder than last winter. We’ve got a sleepy sun and increasing volcanoes, and we’ve got an historical pattern of cold coming with a particular orbital cycle and solar slowdown, accompanied by volcanoes.

Coincidence? I don’t think geology and astrophysics works on coincidence all that often…
Forget About That 2-Degree Future | The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media
[Former IPCC chair Robert Watson] Average global temperatures could rise 2 to 7 degrees C by the end of the century, driving a litany of environmental changes, Watson said. Already, the climate of the 2020s and 2030s already is locked in, or as Watson put it, “pre-ordained.” “Therefore, we must adapt,” he said.
Tropical storms: Some studies show that by 2100, there could be a doubling of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes in the Atlantic.
Ocean acidification: at an atmospheric concentration of CO2 at 450 ppm, coral reefs stop growing, Watson said. At 550 ppm, they begin dissolving.
‘Chasing Ice’ Film Maker’s Take on Climate Story-Telling | The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media
“A lot of ad agencies can be your friends,” Balog said, doing pro bono and creative work they might seldom get to do.
NOAA to release sea level report in time for AGU bookies to place bets | Watts Up With That?
From NOAA Headquarters, laughable claims gift wrapped for the fall AGU conference.

They claim 8 inches to 6.6 feet (o.2 to 2 meters) over the next century….such wide variance doesn’t inspire much confidence, even though they claim “high confidence” in that spread. That’s a lot like saying that you have “high confidence that the winner of the latest NBA basketball game will score between 20 and 200 points”. I don’t think the bookies would be impressed with the skill. – Anthony

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