Thursday, December 06, 2012

Dispatch from AGU: Least Drama | Climate Abyss | a blog
They found that all the predictions they could test were either accurate or too conservative. None erred on the side of alarmism.
Watson strenuously defended the earlier reports. He said that if they, as scientists, had made even one prediction that turned out to be too extreme, they would have lost all credibility with the general public.
Hansen 1986 : Two Degrees Warming By 2006 – Hottest In 100,000 Years! | Real Science

Climate Common Sense: Where did that Greenland ice come from?
With unprecedented ice melt in Greenland according to "climate scientists" WW2 planes have been found under a staggering 260 ft or 80 metres of ice. Where did this ice come from and why hasn't it melted?
It is this sort of inconvenient physical evidence which causes scepticism in what we are told is being measured by satellites flying overhead. The ice loss figures quoted for Greenland would seem to be at variance with this buildup of ice.
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...Everyone who has made a real effort to understand the strength of sceptics' case is won over.
Cold snap to continue for days as temperatures fall as low as 9F - Telegraph
Britons were warned the bitterly cold weather across the country would continue for days and were told to beware of icy roads after temperatures plummeted as low as 9F (-12.9C).

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