Sunday, December 09, 2012

Cold snap threaten crops in Italy
The icy temperatures may have a particularly negative effect in higher areas, especially if they drop for several hours of the day to below -10 degrees as this would kill fruit buds. The extent of the damage, however, can be assessed only in the spring with the awakening of plants. The frost marked the end of a year of extreme weather events that caused damage to agricultural crops worth over EUR 3 billion. Snow and ice blocked Italy during the winter, sweltering heat and drought burned summer crops and autumn gales caused floods and landslides.
UN Climate Change Negotiations 2012: Power boss says EU market unworthy of investment - The Economic Times
DOHA: Lack of binding EU policy beyond 2020 and a battered carbon market has made European electricity unworthy of investment, the head of the industry body that represents the sector in Europe said.

The risk is that those who can will take their money elsewhere and blackouts will be more frequent if grids are not upgraded to integrate rising levels of renewable power, he said.
Revenge rules as Doha grabs faux victory | The Australian
Environment groups are bitterly disappointed. Tick. The US has been chastised. Tick. The EU has a renewed Kyoto treaty without participants. Polite applause.
With climate change now held responsible for every major natural catastrophe, the liabilities are potentially incalculable.

It is the nasty streak that runs through the UN process - a chance for revenge against the US and the West.
Police raid City office after Financial Mail warns on carbon credits | This is Money
The raids follow mounting official concern at the scale of carbon credit scams, where investors pay thousands of pounds for overpriced certificates that are said to be linked to environmentally friendly projects such as tree planting.

There is virtually no resale market for the certificates and investors typically lose every penny.

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