Sunday, December 09, 2012

The New York Times warns civilization likely to end due to manmade warming – Professor Armstrong tries to avert panic
In an effort to calm panic-stricken readers, I wrote a Letter to the Editor at The New York Times revealing that while cost-benefit analysis is indeed the proper method, none has shown likely net harm arising from global warming. Evidence-based forecasts of dangerous warming and of the effects of alternative policies are missing. Strangely, my evidence-based forecasts that our civilization is not threatened by dangerous warming did not meet the NYT criteria of “All the news that’s fit to print.” If you know any NYT readers, please inform them that they are safe.
Doha: a last-gasp face-saver? | Roger Helmer MEP
The government of the Maldives can do all the stunts and under-water cabinet meetings it wants , but its proposition is a nonsense designed with one aim in mind — to extort money from the West before the climate scam is blown out of the water.
The climate talks bring pain, not gain - Telegraph
And yet while China and the US, the world’s largest producers of CO2, remain uncommitted to any target to cut their colossal emissions, the effect of our own reduction is pain without gain: we lose the industries that depend on large amounts of electricity, and force householders to pay more for energy, without doing anything substantial to reduce the rise in global temperature.
Introducing The New WUWT “Extreme Weather” Reference Page | Watts Up With That?
I leave it to you to review and decide for yourself whether you think there has been dramatic increase in “Extreme Weather”.

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