Sunday, December 09, 2012

NOAA map: In warming climate, high-latitude growing season lengthening
in some places, the growing season has become shorter.
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: @billmckibben How come we ...
@billmckibben How come we had an ice age 7000 ppm co2? How come glaciers were down to NYC. How come gulf once covered lower miss valley
In the UK, just a few hundred people show up to stand in the cold and yell for the ‘National Climate March’ | Watts Up With That?
I wonder what sort of yelling we’d hear if they couldn’t retreat to a nice warm place afterwards, and they were forced to stay out in the cold for a few days to experience firsthand what they preach?
Doha talks fail to avert climate Qatar-strophe, says Christian Aid
The effects of the 0.8 degrees warming above pre-industrial levels are bad enough.
Wrap up warm, it's getting colder: Forecasters warn Wednesday may be the coldest day of the YEAR with temperatures of -8C as the 'Beast from the East' arrives by Sam Webb, Daily Mail | Climate Realists

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