Friday, December 07, 2012

Comedy change scientists say winter ‘global warming’ jokes at historical high
Al Jones, who specialises in comedy change, says instruments placed throughout UK pubs and workplaces recorded the 1,000,000th example of the ‘and they call this global warming’ joke only a couple of days into winter.
Twitter / john_vidal: Doha, blimey, the UN has actually ...
Doha, blimey, the UN has actually banned Monckton from all meetings. Is this censorship of views, or sensible?
Cold out, isn't it? That must be disappointing for the climate change faithful - Mail Online - Steve Doughty's blog
Minister, it’s cold outside.

It is pertinent to ask why whenever it rains a bit and there are floods, that is climate change manifesting itself, but, when it’s cold, that is nothing to do with climate change not manifesting itself.

Climate change is in many ways a lot like Aids used to be. At the height of the Aids scare, when Whitehall warnings that everybody in Britain was going to die failed to come true, Aids seemed to shift to places like Africa. Millions were dying of Aids in poor countries where, conveniently, medical services were inadequate to provide independent evidence to support the claim.

Global warming is always happening at the poles, or in Siberia, or in Africa, never here at home where we can see that the New Forest has yet to turn into Mediterranean semi-desert.
I would like to see a new rule attached to TV climate change scare stories: the reporter’s dateline should be accompanied by another bar on the screen saying who paid the travel expenses. Just as reassurance to those of us with suspicious minds.
Twitter / enviroblack [Former BBC warmist Richard Black]
The tightest distillation of all the cock-eyed, ignorant, blinkered, #climate sceptic bull I have ever read [links to the article above]

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