Friday, December 07, 2012

Editorial: Ignoring climate change will not make it go away
Although the world is certainly not getting any cooler – 2012 is set to be the ninth warmest year on record – it is not, to the ordinary person, getting tangibly hotter year on year, as it was in the 1980s and 1990s.

Scientists have put forward several reasons for this "plateau" in warming. Recent suggestions include the possibility that much of the extra warmth is being absorbed by the deep ocean, or that the airborne layer of sulphur particles produced by the colossal amounts of coal being burned in China is acting as a cooling shield to the heat of the Sun.

Whatever the cause, however, one thing is crystal clear: the amount of greenhouse gases pouring into the atmosphere from human activities continues to soar. Unless some of the basic laws of physics are suddenly reversed, the result can only be a destabilising rise in the temperature of the atmosphere. [or not] And it will occur sooner rather than later.
UN Envoys in Final Push for Climate Deal as Deadline Looms - Businessweek
“We are not going to be rushed into taking a decision because of time,” said Gambian envoy Pa Ousman Jarju, speaking for the UN’s 48 least developed countries. “We are here representing millions of people who are suffering [Because of trace amounts of atmospheric CO2?  Really?].”
Graham Readfearn | Freedom of Information Laws Used By Climate Sceptics To Rifle Through Scientists' Daily Emails
As DeSmogBlog reported, the research found that people who rejected the science of human-caused climate change were also likely to endorse various conspiracy theories, such as NASA faking moon landings and plots to kill Princess Diana.

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