Friday, December 28, 2012

Craig K. Comstock: The Dirty Secret of Climate Change
We need to pay more for energy. It's that simple. Why? We've discovered that the fossil fuels that built our civilization emit gases that are dangerous.
Editorial: Save the planet. Save Social Security. Save Medicaid. Tax carbon. : Stltoday
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has estimated that a carbon tax of $80 per metric ton of emissions could keep disaster from happening by the end of the century.
[Nice job, Al:  Insane fear of carbon dioxide makes potential grandmother "glad" that she doesn't have grandchildren]
In New Jersey, Andrews can relate. She has three grown children in their 20s. And — though it pains her to say it — she is glad they don’t have their own kids yet.

“I would never tell them that,” she says, “because I want to be a grandmother more than anything in the world! But the way everything’s going, I don’t want to worry about my grandkids. It’s bad enough worrying about my kids.”
OregonLive : Global warming threatens U.S. ski industry, but Oregon unscathed
With snowpack accumulating steadily this week on Oregon peaks, it's hard to imagine less-than-adequate conditions for skiing and snowboarding.

"Right now we've received over half our annual snowfall and it's not even the first of January," said Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort spokesman Andy Goggins.

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