Friday, December 28, 2012

The Record Breaking Hot Summer Of 2012 | Real Science
NPR told us today that the summer of 2012 was a record breaker in the US. The only thing which broke any records was the level of BS coming from the ministry of truth..

The summer of 1936 had five times as many record maximums as the summer of 2012.
It’s The UHI – Stupid | Real Science
But let’s move away from the urban sprawl, to the closest GHCN HCN station in Virginia. November was the coldest on record, temperatures have been declining for 80 years, and 2012 as a whole was below normal. The Washington DC temperature record is thoroughly contaminated by UHI, and is completely useless as a climate indicator.
Colorado Public Radio | Real Science
I was just moving some furniture in a blizzard and listening to Colorado Public Radio for an hour. All they talked about for an hour was climate change and gun control. They said that “increasing numbers of Coloradans were blaming the fires last summer on climate change”

Fortunately people in the 1890s weren’t as stupid as modern liberals...
CO2 Emissions, Life Expectancy, Per Capita GDP: The Real Hockey Stick
Fossil fuels are key contributors to a virtuous “cycle of progress,” Goklany argues. A better fed population is healthier and more productive. A larger population produces more ideas and better technology. Electrification extends the work day and powers computers, cell phones, and medical devices. Trade encourages the division of labor and the dissemination of ideas and technology.

Goklany acknowledges it may be possible to replace fossil fuels in the future. But, “as the high subsidies and mandates for renewables attest, renewables are unable to sustain themselves today.” He concludes: ”Perhaps, with help from fossil fuels, new ideas will foster technologies that will enable a natural transition away from such fuels.”

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