Friday, December 28, 2012

University Of Graz Apologizes…Yet Left Parncutt’s Hate Speech And Death Penalty List Link Up At Site For 2 Months!
The only way out I see for the University of Graz is for them to clearly demonstrate that they welcome differing opinions and an open discussion on the subject of climate change. They could start by inviting professors and speakers who have views that differ from those of the IPCC and Prof Parncutt. That is what true academia is supposed to be about.

That’s only for starters.
Up to two feet of snow for US Northeast
A winter storm, which has already dumped record snowfall in the nation’s midsection, swept into the Northeast today, where it is expected to bring up to two feet of snow and a new round of travel headaches.
Attorney claims EPA chief resigned over alias email accounts | Fox News
Horner said the increased scrutiny on the alias account, coupled with what those emails might contain regarding the administration's alleged "war on coal," likely contributed to Jackson's announcement Thursday.

"She, by her action, told us that these are records she doesn't want the people to see," Horner said.
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: Its one lie after another on ...

Its one lie after another on climate change. Snow, hurricanes, actual temps vs co2.
No fact is immune from AGW drivel

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