Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Defeated Republican Preaches Heresy Backing a Carbon Tax - Bloomberg
“It’s not going anywhere,” Texas Republican Joe Barton, the former chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said, when asked about Inglis and the carbon tax. “We agree that carbon-dioxide levels are going up. What we don’t agree on is that carbon-dioxide levels are going up because of man.”
Climate change: the Inuit now have words for ‘bumblebee’ and ‘robin’ | The Vancouver Observer
No multi-year ice (the ice that stays frozen even through summer) means that all the phytoplankton, zooplankton and other microbial organisms that live just under the surface of the sea ice will be homeless
Flashback » The red, red Koyapigaktoruk comes bob, bob, bobbin’ along it turns out, there are plenty of Eskimo words for robin that have existed for a long time and in languages that are spread among bands of Inuit all across the North American Arctic—and it is all plain to see with only a few clicks of the mouse along the information superhighway of the internet.

Thus, another cute (and ill-founded) global warming scare story bites the dust.
Energy Dept. to Underwrite 7 Wind Projects -
The federal government is stepping up its efforts to kick-start the offshore wind industry by awarding $28 million in grants to seven projects that are developing varying kinds of power-generation technology.
Climate Depot | Fairdinkum Radio
13.12.12 Leon is joined by Marc Morano of Climate Depot as they discuss the wash up from the UN Climate Change talks at Doha. They discuss the aims of a desperate oligarchy of Scientific Elitist that aim to take control of all recourse's, energy and ultimately you. They look at some of the recent propaganda fro Mathew England, the ABC and the BBC. Your movements, your energy use, your life is to be a highly monitored, and controlled by the scientific bureaucratic elite.
Can “Global Warming’s Six Americas” become a melting pot for meaningful action? | Climate Science Watch
Maibach suggests mobilizing the roughly 1,300 local TV weather forecasters to lead on climate change messaging.

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