Thursday, December 20, 2012

Does Melting Ice Cause Volcanic Eruptions?
After studying data from over a million years in our Earth’s history, researchers at GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research Kiel in Germany and Harvard University have discovered periods of high volcanic activity often follow periods of quickly rising global temperatures.
Heavy snow expected in Armenia
All of Armenia, except for some regions of Tavush and Syunik provinces, is already covered with snow.
Obama: Climate change is going to be one of my top priorities this time around « Hot Air
at the urging of the green lobby and well-monied eco-radicals, no doubt, I’m sure we’ll keep on seeing taxpayer money being frivolously thrown at well-subsidized renewable ventures and completely backwards, prosperity-discouraging energy-manipulation in poorer countries...
Heavy snowfall continues in Georgia
Traffic limitations are imposed at Gombori Pass in eastern Kakheti region, and several road accidents took place in Telavi.

The number of patients has increased at various medical institutions due to heavy snow and freeze that continues hitting Georgia.
My Personal Sacrifice | Real Science
I gave up the cold, healthy climate of Fort Collins, Colorado this week suffer in the dangerous warm climate of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Wind industry buys Sierra Club advocacy? |
Frackers bought the Sierra Club. Why couldn’t the wind industry?

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