Wednesday, December 19, 2012

No bigs: Head of EPA does a bunch of her work on alias e-mail account « Hot Air
Jackson and the EPA claim “Richard Windsor’s” account is just a way for the EPA administrator to keep two separate accounts— one, which is totally public and often bogged down with public comments, and one for work colleagues. But the first thing that occurred to me is that a .gov address with a fake name is a great way to insure certain e-mails from Jackson aren’t subject to FOIA requests (recall the hubbub over the Bush White House using an outside server for similar reasons). FOIA requests have to name exactly what documentation they want from what sources. If no one knows about “Richard Windsor’s” account, as it seems is the goal, FOIA requests would naturally request e-mails in Jackson’s public account, not the alias account.
Horner “welcome(s) the inquiry,” but reminds us how he found “Richard Windsor.”
[R]ecall what led me to discovering the latest compounding of the practice, Lisa Jackson’s false identity: I stumbled across an obscure EPA memo admitting to the “alias” accounts having been created by someone who also had ordered her hard drive and backup tapes erased (Carol Browner), and that the accounts were set on auto-delete. That is, everything about their origin screamed abuse, and controls were supposedly instituted. Later, EPA again promised to get its act together on the heels of a Government Accountability Office inquiry. And yet…
IPCC Climate Change Draft Undermines U.N.'s Global Warming Claims -
The chart also shows that observed temperatures, rather than climbing ever upward, are where they were 15 years ago.

Skeptic Anthony Watts calls the chart a bombshell. The media have yawned. Meanwhile, another reviewer is pointing out that the draft is omitting a study that found no change in global water vapor even though the alarmists predicted that it would increase as carbon dioxide emissions climbed.

Yet again, the IPCC shows it's not interested in scientific inquiry but rather politics that serve one group while countering another. Like so much of the U.N., it has nothing useful to offer.

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