Saturday, December 08, 2012

Doha: Carbon deal could add hundreds of pounds to energy bills - Telegraph
Peter Lilley, the Tory MP, said Britain was already struggling with targets and pointed out that the world's two largest carbon emitters, the US and China, were not even in the protocol.

"I think it's most self-flagellating to sign Britain up to be bound by such targets when the bulk of the world is not. At a time when our main objective is to rebalance the economy, to put burdens on our manufacturing sector is self-defeating," he said.
Twitter / RichardTol: Poor climocrats in #Doha. ...
Poor climocrats in #Doha. Allnighters signal their dedication to the cause, but they know it's for show only and they just want to go home.
Articles: Another Global Warming Drive-By
Clearly, something had to be done about Antarctica.
Broken Reasoning And Hot Air | Musings from the Chiefio
The tides will change, the orbits will move, and we WILL plunge into the next Ice Age Glacial. No, we don’t know when. It’s a very slow process. It might not be for another 1500 years, or it might have already started during the Little Ice Age. Yes, it’s that slow.

This ‘warm cycle’ of the 1500 year cycle was not as warm as the last warm peak… The Medieval Warm Period … that was not as warm as The Roman Optimum. Similarly, the Little Ice Age was colder than the Dark Ages, that were colder than the prior Greek Cold Period. We have “lower highs and lower lows”. Just we don’t notice them as each cycle takes 1500 years or so. We ride the roller coaster of natural cyclical changes thinking we matter. We don’t.

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