Saturday, December 08, 2012

Mt. Edgecumbe senior sues AK over climate change
Kanuk is one of six Alaska youth being represented in court by the organization Our Children’s Trust. The Oregon-based nonprofit filed lawsuits on behalf of young plaintiffs in nine states. A separate suit is pending against the federal government, and there are a few international cases, too. The lawsuits ask their respective governments to consider the atmosphere a public trust, and to exercise their duty to protect it.
Our Children’s Trust wants Alaska to encourage a 6 percent annual reduction in carbon dioxide beginning next year.
Twitter / omnologos: Lord Stern in Qatar for #COP18 ...
Lord Stern in Qatar for #COP18 - please @BBCr4today ask if he's walked all the way there? #climatechange
COP18/CMP8, Doha - Do It Now Flash Mobsz - YouTube
[At the 1:23 mark, Greenpeace head Naidoo claims that "The fact that people are coming up with songs that are speaking about protecting the climate and averting catastrophic climate change is a sign that the movement is building"]

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