Monday, December 03, 2012

Founder of the "World Future Council" says that we need to "print money" in order to prevent CO2-induced bad weather

COP18: We must create new money to save the climate | Climate Change TV
COP18 (27/11/12) – Jakob Von Uexkull Founder of the World Future Council talks about the need to create new money to save the climate. He says it is absurd that we are about the destabilise the climate because we say there is no money, when there are means of creating new money.

He describe an ‘economic witch doctor’ that was able to find huge sums of money to stablise the banks and says all that is needed if for the climate lobby to be as big as the bank lobby and to demand new money is created...He says that renewable energy sources have no exploration costs (the sun is there to be trapped), no distribution costs (production of solar can be localised) and almost no environmental costs.

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