Monday, December 03, 2012

Showtime To Air Climate Change Series From James Cameron, Jerry Weintraub and Arnold Schwarzenegger | ThinkProgress
I [Joe Romm] am the Technical Advisor for the first-of-its-kind series, which means I help advise the producers which scientists and experts they should talk to on a given story. Ultimately I’ll be looking out for any technical mistakes in the final product — which is set to air in late summer or fall 2013 — although we are assembling a science advisory board of A-list climatologists to help in that regard.
Twitter / benfreemanokc: To all those who think global ...
To all those who think global warming is a hoax made up by tree-hugging liberals: it's 80 degrees on Dec 3rd & you're an idiot. . .carry on.
Twitter / RyanMaue: Current temperatures around ...
Current temperatures around Fairbanks Alaska are -36 to -40°F.
Winter looms as a killer in camps | The Australian
IN the Middle East, there is another crisis not under the glare of the media but that could yet overshadow the recent appalling escalation of violence between the Israelis and Palestinians.

It is the onset of a harsh winter that will significantly compound the suffering of the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees forced to flee the fighting that has ravaged their country for 20 months.

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