Monday, December 03, 2012

The Inconvenient Skeptic » How absurd is 4 °C
If the trend over the past 15 years were to continue, the the global temperature would increase by 0.45 °C by the year 2100. Predicting 4 deg-C is simply ludicrous.
Fearmongers’ shame: reader fears warming will kill their children | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
It is grotesque, how Labor’s scare-mongering has so terrified so many people. Consider the following facts: the world hasn’t warmed in 16 years, the carbon tax would make at very most about 0.0038 degrees difference in a century, and modest warming could even leave us better off. Consider also man’s astonishing ability to adapt, and the rapid progress in wealth, health and technology.
“Let’s All Spread Hate Against The Skeptics” – Alarmists’ Panic Confirms Stark Fear Of The Skeptic Invasion
Today I present to you the latest wonderful example of tolerance and open-mindedness from fundamentalist warmist site here in green nutsy Germany.

Nowadays it’s hard to tell what the alarmists are more petrified of: the global climate catastrophe or the skeptic invasion in Europe. They are angry and panicked that the skeptics have succeeded in getting the public in Europe to question the dubious climate science.
Russian Drivers Stuck in Traffic Jam for Two Days
Now it’s THREE days stuck in the snow. See video. Some of the thousands of cars and trucks stranded on a major highway yesterday after a monster snowfall have been stuck for more than two three days.

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