Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Heartland Responds to The Washington Post: The War of Words Over Climate Change
Alas, for The Washington Post — as it is for all of the corrupt mainstream media — the idea that Heartland is lighting cigars with endless hundred dollar bills from “Big Oil” is a “fact” too good to check.
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Every time you donate to Grist, a bald eagle spreads it's [sic] wings [then gets chopped in half by an unnecessary, underperforming, expensive, view-spoiling wind turbine?]. Support indie green news:
It's Already Too Late to Stop Climate Change - NationalJournal.com
That’s the point, scientists say [which scientists, specifically, say that?], at which the Earth’s polar ice sheets will melt and many of the hottest and driest regions will no longer be able to grow food. The 2-degree mark will set off a chain of extreme reactions, starting with rapid sea-level rise, widespread flooding, more extreme weather events, food shortages, and price spikes.
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@planet3org Unlike the climate, we can dial a carbon tax up and down and easily investigate the costs and benefits. Experiment!
Twitter / ToryAardvark: Britain gives away £133 million ...
Britain gives away £133 million it doesn't have to fight a problem that does not exist
… priceless

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Soylent Green said...

I've never seen a more accurately named account. It is indeed idiotic.