Sunday, December 09, 2012

Hogan feels heat on return from €30,000 trip
Desert mission's costs could have reversed cut in respite care grants for 92 families

MINISTER for the Environment Phil Hogan has swapped the searing heat of Doha for the chill winds of home, returning today from a week-long trip that is expected to cost close to €30,000.

The bill is enough to reverse a €325 cut to the €1,700 respite care grant – introduced by last week's Budget while Mr Hogan was in Qatar – for 92 families.

Mr Hogan and his ministerial entourage of nine spent a week at the UN talks toiling at back-to-back round table sessions, bilateral meetings and political briefing.

But the lasting image of the jaunt will be the Irish Daily Mail's pictures of the minister relaxing over drinks in his five-star hotel bar with his press adviser Yvonne Hyland, a former Fine Gael press officer.
Twitter / RichardTol: Hogan feels heat on return ...
Hogan feels heat on return from €30,000 trip on Sheenan is wrong: Trip was paid from development assistance money
Climate Talks Yield Commitment to Ambitious, but Unclear, Actions -
Wealthy nations put off for a year resolution of the dispute over providing billions of dollars in aid to countries most heavily affected by climate change...
Only a handful of countries, not including the United States, have made concrete financial pledges for adaptation aid over the next few years.
Warmists concede Bill Nye 'looked outclassed and flustered' against Climate Depot's Morano in CNN primetime debate on Piers Morgan | Climate Depot
Warmists at Little Green Footballs: 'Morano threw too many talking points for Bill [Nye] to field effectively and as is common when a scientist goes up against a professional PR hack, he looked outclassed and flustered' -- Read more here.

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