Saturday, December 22, 2012

I sense a pattern here: After hucksters profit from fears of the coming collapse of civilization, civilization fails to collapse as predicted

End of the world – as it didn't happen | Science |
History is littered with doomsdays that have come and gone. The end of civilisation seems to hold a morbid fascination for people, through a combination of grim excitement over how the end might come, and more individual thoughts of our own extinction.
...As we've seen from country to country, there's money in the end of times.
A scarf factory owner in coastal Zhejiang Province, Yang Zongfu, has manufactured a handful of three-ton, radiation-proof, custom-designed “Atlantis Pods” and sold them to 15 wealthy survivalists for as much as £500,000 per pod. Yang told the South China Morning Post that his biggest customers are businessmen from coal-rich Shanxi province; they have decided to remain anonymous for fear that panicked neighbors will try to steal their pods. According to the newspaper, a supply shortage has left 11 prospective buyers pod-less on the big day.
...In recent weeks, Chinese authorities have arrested around 1,000 people belonging to a group called “The Church of the Almighty God” for spreading rumors about the coming cataclysm. The so-called “evil cult” has been wreaking havoc countrywide, if state media reports are to be believed – distributing leaflets, soothsaying into megaphones, attacking police stations and extorting “donations” from gullible peasants. The group believes that its adherents will be saved by a female incarnation of Jesus Christ and has called for the downfall of the ruling Communist Party.
July 18, 2007: Is this the single most insane thing that fraudster Al Gore ever said?
Starting around the 13:20 mark in the audio below, Gore argues that trace amounts of CO2 could "absolutely" lead to the "complete collapse of human civilization".

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