Saturday, December 22, 2012

Movie review: The Carbon Rush |
It’s a revealing look at a system that sounds fishy even on the surface: should companies be allowed to buy permissions to pollute? By following the trail, Miller has discovered that it’s often a double-whammy, creating a vast field of windmills in rural India, for instance, while sending the local people off their land and ultimately making money for the giant Tata Motors, India’s largest car company.

The benefits of the windmills, if any, is never explored. The Carbon Rush is firmly on the side of the dispossessed — everyone interviewed is a victim of the multinational giants — but the film ends with an impressive list of companies and agencies that refused to talk to the filmmakers. What’s on the screen is an indictment that says the official plan to fight global warming has become just another way to rape the land, oppress the poor and despoil the planet.
The Iceman Cometh — The Patriot Post
[Bastardi] While you have been bombarded with talk of warmth, it's been very cold overall in the Northern Hemisphere. And now it's time for the U.S. to become one of the epicenters of cold. It's similar to reversals we've seen before. If you recall the winter of 1993-1994, most of us were wondering if there would be winter in mid-December, but by mid-January much of the nation was encased in snow and ice.

So as we slide into and through the Holiday Season, I want you to know that, yes, we are going to have a winter this year, and indeed the Iceman cometh. And somehow the AGW crowd will try to paint the cold that comes into the nation, and right in time for the Holiday Season, as something that is a sign of global warming.
Twitter / iowahawkblog: In a healthy economy, you get ...
In a healthy economy, you get rich by making things people want. In a sick economy, you get rich by making people do thing they don't want.
Dirty Aviation’s Melting the Arctic: Researchers Find a Mind-Blowingly Cheap Solution
Simply rerouting plane flights around the Arctic will delay sea ice melt and prevent up to 2 percent of global warming, say researchers

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