Saturday, December 22, 2012

72 percent of bids at California’s carbon auction came from one company’s mistake
So Edison spent about $40 million — $16 million more than anticipated. Be on the lookout for a new line item on your bill next month, Edison customers.
- Bishop Hill blog - Ridley response to Romm
Mr Romm seems determined to rule out even the possibility of low climate sensitivity in the teeth of strong evidence. I can see why he wishes to do so, his job depending on there being a dangerous future. I do not understand where he gets his certainty.

Finally, Mr Romm throws the term “anti-science” at me, again with no evidence. I cited peer reviewed papers and made the scientific argument that the latest data be considered in estimating sensitivity. That is pro science. What is anti-science is to make false accusations and try to shut down legitimate debate. Hard working people all over the world are now risking their lives as well as their wallets for the consequences of current climate policy (see Indur Goklany’s paper “Could biofuel policies increase death and disease in developing countries?”). They have a right to ask that those who determine the science behind such policies are open-minded. On the evidence of MrRomm’s astonishing outburst, my doubts about this are growing.
Be considerate of future generations – and future species, too | Grist
an entire new species may be shaking whatever kind of appendage their fists have evolved into and cursing our names with new languages and new religions. That should give us pause.
Deepak Lal: Shale Gas And Pax Americana
The geostrategic implications of the shale gas revolution invalidate predictions of the death of American-style capitalism.

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