Saturday, December 01, 2012

In AP Climate Conference Coverage, Protest by 'a Few Hundred' Is News, Opposition Letter From 129 Scientists Is Not |
...Another AP story suggest that "SOME WISH ISLAM WOULD INFORM CLIMATE DEBATE." I'll suggest that the referenced "some" includes a few AP and other journalists and almost no one else.

But there has been no room at the AP, as confirmed in a search on the world "climate" at the wire service's website at 3:30 p.m. ET and a review of possibly relevant articles, for discussion or even recognition of a November 29 open letter sent by over 125 scientists "qualified in climate-related matters" who have informed U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon that "there is no substantiation" for the so-called "science" undergirding the meeting's agenda
The UN Climate Change Conference pauses for a breather on Sunday, giving participants a much-needed day off
The day off gives participants a much-needed opportunity to explore Doha, with a variety of events and sites to see.
The Reference Frame: Sea level rise is the most reliable way to see global temperature trends
It's remotely conceivable that the melting of glaciers and ice sheets in the Greenland or Antarctica could become more important in the future and the trend may start to change quite suddenly. But the impressive constancy of the sea level trend in Battery, NY – and any place that measures it as well as the Newyorkers do (there aren't too many places like that) – is a strong indication that such a melting contribution (and, independently of that, the human contribution) hasn't started to be important yet. Could we please postpone all the climate worries to the moment when the sea level rise trend (measured at least from a decade of data) increases at least to 50 centimeters per century? The data available so far indicate that we haven't changed an iota about the natural trends yet and the continuing expansion of the New York City is a strong hint that 27.7 centimeters per century is just fine from all points of view.
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