Saturday, December 01, 2012

NOAA Climate Investigator Says No Link Between Global Warming, Hurricane Sandy | Heartlander Magazine
Martin Hoerling, who chairs the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s climate variability research program and oversees NOAA’s Climate Scene Investigators, debunked the assertion global warming played a significant role in Hurricane Sandy.
Permafrost Far More Stable Than Claimed…German Expert Calls Danger Of It Thawing Out “Utter Imbecility”!
Die Welt blogger and science journalist Ulli Kulke writes here about how another scare story (melting permafrost) is a load of “imbecility”.
We’ll slash your bills – but it will cost you more, says Ed Davey - Telegraph
Why does the Energy Secretary ignore the shale gas revolution which in America has already more than halved gas prices in four years?
RealClimate: AGU time again…
PA13B. Countering Denial and Manufactured Doubt of 21st Century Science

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