Monday, December 24, 2012

Indur Goklany: The Times Of India’s Misleading And Uninformed Report On The Supposed Health Impact Of Climate Change
A Times of India article perpetrates a fraud on its readers. It takes estimates of deaths from forces of nature and then ascribes it not just to climate but to climate change.
The Message From Climate Alarmists To Children | Real Science
Jet-setting hypocrites like Al Gore, Prince Charles, Barack Obama, Michael Bloomberg, Thomas Friedman, James Cameron and Richard Branson tell children that they have no future because their parents are destroying the planet.

This teaches all schoolchildren to hate their families, their country, their culture, and everything good in the their lives. It promotes every imaginable form of anti-social behavior.
IPCC AR5 Chapter 11 – Maintaining the Spin | Watts Up With That?
Well, if record setting ice extent in the Antarctic is just a “slight increase”, I guess by extension that a one third decrease in tropical cyclones is equally un-noteworthy.
Only in academia | Climate Nonconformist
Okay, let’s consider this guy’s warped sense of morality. Anders Behring Breivik - the evil who slaughtered 77 innocent people - does not deserve to die, yet those who question the scientific orthodoxy - who speak and write things that others do not like - do.

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