Monday, December 24, 2012

Taxpayers Take a Government Motors bath - By Henry Payne - Planet Gore
The share price further reflects the fact that GM continues to struggle with more efficient rivals unburdened by union contracts, government mandates forcing it to sell unprofitable green vehicles, and underfunded pension obligations.
Faith And Science: A Climate Scientist And Religious Organizer On The Urgency Of Climate Change | ThinkProgress
[Hayhoe] So instead of studying science, I feel like I’m studying what God was thinking when he set up our planet.
Why It's The End Of The Line For Wind Power - Forbes
It’s the end of the world as we know it. That’s what the U.S. wind power industry is saying to itself these days. And they aren’t talking about some Mayan doomsday nonsense.

On Jan. 1 the federal production tax credit on wind investments expires.
Fronting for fossil fuels : CJR
Elsner said the same rules of disclosure should also apply to think tanks that represent clean energy interests.
Homeless freeze in eastern cold snap | euronews, world news
“Old people who are unable to fetch wood for the stove are simply starving and dying from the cold like in ancient times,” said one resident.

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