Tuesday, December 11, 2012

IPCC Catastrophe Fantasy-Fest…Scientist Prof. Mojib Latif Now Claims Half Of Both Poles Melted Since 1979!
To be fair to Prof. Latif, it’s possible that the hapless journalist just got the facts all mixed up and thus completely misinformed his readers.

Unfortunately this has become the norm of science communication in Germany.

And so one should not wonder that many German citizens and policymakers have become hopelessly hysterical on the climate issue. And we should not be surprised that more and more readers are turning their backs on the print media and opting instead for information from blogs.
Van Jones on Obama: Climate "Is Going To Be the Issue He’s Judged On” | Mother Jones
[Jones] So if we can have the president of the United States on TV every day talking about the manufactured fiscal cliff, then he can use all of those resources to put pressure on Congress to do something about the real climate cliff.

I also think that it is still the case that the best possible way to get the economy moving is to move in a greener direction. You get on [a fossil-fueled] airplane, you fly coast to coast, you look down, and you see a million rooftops that don't have solar panels on them...You land in any city, you are driving [in a fossil-fueled vehicle] past buildings that are leaking energy
Let's not forget, we have dust bowl conditions developing in the heartland of America, the bread basket of the world, just as Al Gore predicted
Rep. Fred Upton on Opposing a Carbon Tax - YouTube

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