Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tough questions for Cameron as his 'greenest government' vow crumbles | Environment | guardian.co.uk
As the prime minister faces MP questioning on his green policy, it seems likely that an attack on the Climate Change Act looms
Quake-hit Iranians facing harsh winter - Features - Al Jazeera English
"At night we wear three jackets. Even animals cannot tolerate the coldness, let alone us," Hamiat says in his thin white tent, as his wife prepares tea and pomegranate on its hard floor..."Mismanagement has meant that people in 63 villages still live in tents though the snow and cold has already arrived."
Marxism and Global Warming - YouTube
Why Marxism is crucial to understanding the present environmental crisis and why people in the environmental movement should embrace Marxism and Marxist analysis without hesitation. We are facing an out of control global capitalist class which through its endless quest for profit now threatens the very life support systems human beings require for survival. Revolution in the 21st Century has therefore become a matter of life and death for our entire species.
Hundreds of squid wash onto Santa Cruz shores | News - KCRA Home
NOAA Biologist John Field collected some of the squid in hopes of finding an answer.

"It's probably in-part the result of global warming..."
Green Schools: Long on promise, short on delivery - USATODAY.com
"Green schools save money," the council declares in an 80-page guide for state legislators that cites one cost study -- a council-funded report from 2006 that says certified schools use about a third less energy than conventional schools. The conclusion is based on estimates made before construction of 30 green-certified schools -- including Washington Middle School in Olympia, Wash., projected to use 28% less energy.

The school used 19% more energy than a conventional school in its first two years and 65% more than planned, a 2011 state report says.

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