Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lowering Your Carbon Impact -- What's Your Handprint?
If you start tracking your carbon footprint, the data can be downright depressing. When Gregory Norris, the industrial ecologist who invented Handprinter, has his students at the Harvard School of Public Health measure their footprint, many tell him, "The planet would be better off if I never had been born."

Instead of tracking all the bad news about our carbon footprint, Handprinter puts a positive spin on our environmental impacts, tracking all the good we do. With Handprinter you measure every action you take that lowers your carbon footprint, and keep growing that number.
...A smart way to help keep the planet a bit cooler.

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gofer said...

Well off kids who, apparently don't have real problems to worry about spend their time trying to feel good about themselves being on the planet. This is absolutely sickening. The article has several outright lies such as hurricanes and tornados are increasing. Why does it seem all the people who cry about consumerism are the very ones who have the financial ability to buy whatever they want and probably do. That's why they need something to make them "feel good" about themselves because they have all this stuff and they feel guilty about it. Amazing how young minds can become so polluted.