Friday, December 28, 2012

Md. reports 1st hypothermia death - The Washington Post
A Frederick County man has died of hypothermia, Maryland officials reported Thursday, the first hypothermia death this winter.
During the 2011-2012 winter, there were 15 hypothermia deaths in Maryland, and one death had been reported by this time in December 2011.
Climate Model Coverage: Far from Model Journalism | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network
The fact that the Nature study found that The Rush Limbaugh Show provided the most “explanation” of climate models among major news publications and programs should be disconcerting enough.
High Energy Costs Plaguing Europe -
A striking indicator that the European effort has not achieved all that it intended to is the continued rise in the burning of coal, by far the biggest polluter among fossil fuels.
What can Europe do? If it wants to make a bigger dent in carbon emissions, it needs a serious carbon price — not the current €7, or $9, per metric ton — that has little effect on business decisions. It might also consider a tax on carbon consumption to make sure it is not achieving its goals through deindustrialization. But such measures might make Europe even less competitive unless they are adopted globally.
Around 70 percent of Mongolian territory covered in snow
A zud (very cold winter) – signified by at least one million dead livestock – cannot be ruled ou

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