Friday, December 28, 2012

Parncutt Death Threat: Uni of Graz “shocked”, Monckton gets it withdrawn with apology. John Cook says nothing. « JoNova
Christopher Monckton and many other skeptics have been writing to Prof Richard Parncutt who had posted a dissertation telling us “logically” influential climate skeptics should be executed. (His words recorded at Webcite). Below, Monckton points out it is a hate-crime, and he will begin notifying Austrian prosecutors, Interpol, the International Criminal Court, and possibly Australian authorities too. In response, Parncutt unconditionally apologizes and withdraws the suggestion.
Record snowfall in Montreal
More than 45 cm (17½ inches), a record amount in one day … and it’s not over.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Al Gore's venture capital firm scores another spectacular disaster
WSJ.COM 12/28/12: Silicon Valley's investment wizards are fleeing the so-called green economy, and not a moment too soon for American prosperity. As painful as the era of enviro-investing has been for taxpayers and shareholders, there's an emerging silver lining. It's likely that in 2013 fewer people will spend their time trying to turn political projects into companies.
Cold snap toll reaches 40 - The Times of India
NEW DELHI: The death toll from cold snap in north India has mounted to at least 40 with the maximum deaths due to it — 13 — reported from Uttar Pradesh since Wednesday.

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