Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Michael Mann's odd comment policy: Imagining Watts et al spending eternity in a "special circle of hell...submerged up to the eyelashes in boiling sh-te" is OK; questioning AGW is not OK

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[comment by Kelly Anspaugh on Michael Mann's Facebook page] Oh for a latter-day Dante to imagine a special circle of hell reserved expressly for the likes of Singer, Monckton, Watts, et al., wherein their damned denialist souls must spend eternity submerged up to the eyelashes in boiling sh-te (this excremental soup an allegorical figuration, of course, of the denialist discourse they spewed here on earth), and, when asked if the bath is warm, compelled to reply, "Oh no it's quite comfortably cool, in fact -- thanks for asking!"
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[Michael Mann] hey trolls who have been given marching orders to flood the comment threads here like an infestation of beetle larvae: Don't bother! We've seen the mindless talking points before, and coming here to parrot them simply (a) pollutes the otherwise thoughtful discussion in the comment threads here, and (b) exposes the intellectual bankruptcy of your climate change denial zealotry.

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