Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Natural gas futures rally 2% on cold weather forecasts
Investing.com - Natural gas futures were up for a second day on Tuesday, moving further off last week’s three-month low as forecasts showing colder-than-normal temperatures in late December boosted sentiment on the heating fuel.
Twitter / RyanMaue: ECMWF 00z develops massive, ...
ECMWF 00z develops massive, epic snowstorm from Christmas day into Wednesday for Central US / Mississippi Valley.
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: CFSV2 shows 1/19-24 core of ...
CFSV2 shows 1/19-24 core of 20F below norm over US where heat was worst. Asia, frigid now,warms.MSM will report on Asia
SOON AND MORNER: Sea-level rise data based on shoddy science - Washington Times
The message is clear. When it comes to sea level, any reliance on the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report is misplaced. Study of current and ancient climate tells us that climate model predictions of rapid acceleration in global and regional sea levels are simple scaremongering. Prudent policymaking should be based on objective science rather than fear.

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