Monday, December 17, 2012

More bad news for alarmists – no trend in global hurricane landfalls
Anyone who’d like to argue that the world is experiencing a “new normal” with respect to tropical cyclones is simply mistaken. Over the past 4 years, the world is actually in the midst of a very low period in tropical cyclone landfalls — at least as measured over the past 43 years.
2012 in review: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
The world's meteorological organisation says 2012 is likely to be the ninth-warmest since records began
Green Grift: Solar Firms Under Investigation for Inflating Costs | Via Meadia
This fiasco only brings one question to our minds: Is there anybody in the world of tax-funded green energy who isn’t a sleazy thief or an incompetent idealist? The green agenda is hardly helped by these kinds of stories, though the greens are constantly telling us that everything will be fine if we just let them run the world.
Green Weenie of the Week: Hurricane Sandy? | Power Line
Gee, when this sort of thing happened under Republican administrations, it was called a “war on science.” As Piekle explains,
...But one irony here is that if the government sticks with the story that Sandy was a “mere” tropical storm, it rather undercuts the global warmist narrative that storms are getting stronger, doesn’t it? It’s fun watching liberalism’s instinct to loot the wealth of others and ignore contractual language run headlong into their other cherished memes about science and catastrophe.

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